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Need a savvy copywriter to write standout content for your business?

Are you a busy business owner, on-the-go marketer, or forward-thinking web designer? Need a copywriter to help you engage, connect and compel your ideal customers to take action?

Pop the champagne because you’ve come to the right place. 

I’m Amy – an experienced copywriter and ex-digital marketer who combines clever content strategy with meticulous research and generous lashings of creativity –  to write business words that align perfectly with your ideal client’s needs.

Encapsulating your brand’s voice, story and purpose, I write words that connect your business with clients you love, and who love you back!

Website Copywriting

Want SEO website copy that will serenade the Google gods?

Business Copywriting

Let’s get your business copy working together as a team! 

My words win you more work

Your business is far from ordinary. But do your ideal clients know it? Are your words showcasing your superpowers and optimising that first chance to make an impression?

What if I told you that my copywriting skills can transform your business – your ideas, your vision, your story and all that you offer – into copy that truly engages with your kind. 

A story that is unique to you, but attracts many. A message from your brand to the world, compelling them to know, like and trust you; compelling them to engage your services.

Writing for business is what I do. Connecting you with the right clients and winning you more work through words, is my passion.


So, tell me, is your business ready to grow?


A copywriter who gives you the words your business needs to flourish

With over 15 years experience as a copywriter and content marketer, I have an innate ability to get into the heads of your clients – unravelling their pain points, challenges and desired outcomes. Understanding your clients first, I then delve deep into your business to explore and determine the best copywriting strategy for your brand. 

Bringing this all together, I then use my magic powers to write the perfect words. Words that are irresistibly charismatic, persuasive and compelling. Words that attract your ideal client, and instantly prompt them to think ‘this business really gets me’. Words that have prospects buying into and from your brand.

Writing strategic, purposeful copy, I help you spark instant connection with your tribe. And at the same time, I give you back a colossal amount of time to spend however you wish – whether that be growing your business or leaving work early for Friday arvo drinks, I’m not judging!

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You’re in good company

I write copy for a range of businesses, from professional services and luxury developers through to software companies, experience-based destinations and agencies. Here’s what a few of my happy clients are saying about MOMO