5 Content Marketing Tips

5 Content Marketing Tips to help your business triumph over coronavirus

With coronavirus threatening our health and well-being, lock-downs in place throughout the world, and online memes hitting record levels [so many funny ones out there], these are crazy times. A lot of businesses are doing it tough at the moment, but this will eventually end and the future will be bright once again. In the meantime, it’s really important to continue connecting with our customers, as often as possible. That’s why I’ve put together these 5 quick content marketing tips, showing you how to best manage your customer comms during this very challenging time.

1. Show up [as much as you can]

I know it may not be easy at the moment, but staying connected with your customers and keeping them informed is oh so invaluable! Whichever digital marketing platforms you use (email, social media, website, old-school phone calls) keep the comms rolling. Your customers, subscribers and followers are keen to hear where you’re at! Plus, you’ll be rewarded with their loyalty which will lead to more sales, especially after the crisis abates.

And remember to be honest, authentic and personal in your content marketing. Explain the impact that coronavirus is having on your business, the steps you’re taking to overcome this (if you’re able to) and what it means for your customers. Also, make sure you give your messaging a positive spin, even if it’s looking to the future (post-coronavirus).

2. Be creative with your content marketing strategy

Think about which digital marketing platform/s will serve you best right now? Throw your focus into these. Engaging and connecting with your followers/subscribers/customers is super important during this uncertain period.

And YES, you may need to think outside of the box, conjuring up different ways you can stay connected with your audience (think TikToks, Facebook Lives, IGTV, webinars, e-books). And hey, you might accidentally stumble on a BRILLIANT idea that could be a marketing game-changer for your business, especially in the next few months.

3. Keep your loyal customers up-to-date via email

Emailing your customer database is your golden ticket, now more than ever! It’s your opportunity to speak directly to your customers and fan base. After all, these are the people who like you, love you and have willingly signed up to hear more from you. Plus, many of these will already be loyal customers – the people who will most likely buy from you, especially when the world is turned on its head.

So, how often should you be emailing your customers? This is a really good question. Normally, I would recommend once a week, or at least once a fortnight. But right now, many inboxes are being inundated by COVID-19 related emails. Thus, I’d suggest you email your customers when you have relevant information about your business, eg. how your operations may have changed and if/how customers can continue to purchase from you. Then continue to give important updates as they arise.

For example, if you’re changing systems and processes – a weekly email to keep your customers updated is great! If you’ve hit pause on your business, try for a fortnightly or even a monthly email – it doesn’t need to be too lengthy, just include a quick update, maybe a few tips, some DIY stuff (if possible) or a good meme can go a long way! Yep, give your customers a chuckle – we all need some humour in our lives, especially right now.

Also make sure you monitor and measure the results. You may need to change your send frequency or review and refine the content you’re sending – based on how your open, click-through and unsubscribe rates are tracking.

And, very importantly, if you haven’t emailed your database for a long time, please, please don’t forget to re-introduce yourself. You don’t want your customers wondering who the heck you are, how you got their details and then deleting your email.

4. Keep pumping out your social media posts

Continue (or start) posting regularly to your social media platforms. Your followers will be interested to know how you’re dealing with COVID-19. Just remember to always be mindful and considerate of how each person might be dealing with the pandemic.

Dependant on your tone of voice, you could weave in some funny memes to connect with your audience. Add in some informative posts – letting your audience know if your customer processes have changed (eg: customers now need to pick up goods via drive-thru). Post live videos keeping your customers abreast of where you’re at, including any entertaining behind the scene stuff.

Of course, offering tips and expert advice are of great value to your followers. If you’ve sadly had to hit pause on your business, maybe you can include some DIY tips that relate directly to your business (eg. a campground could share posts of families camping in the backyard, or a restaurant or café could post some of their fave recipes – ps. anyone got a good cocktail one?) 

5. Add a quick business update to your home page

If you have the resources to edit your website, I’d suggest you add a quick paragraph to the top of your Home Page – simply telling visitors if and how your business had been impacted, what you’re doing to get through the crisis and how it may affect your customers.

Think of the positives and talk about the ways you might be able to change things up to still deliver a great service (hopefully this is still the case for you). Or, if you’ve had to go into hibernation, direct visitors over to your social media pages to make sure they continue to get all your updates and stay connected with your biz.

I hope these content marketing tips help you gain clarity and purpose during this challenging time. I’m a big believer in taking small steps to achieve your bigger goal, so maybe start with one of these tips, master that and then move on to the next.

And, if you could use some further expert content marketing advice tailored for your business, give me a call for a FREE 30 minute chat – 0402 055 156. I’d love to help you get through this and beyond!

Be safe, stay healthy and look ahead!

Amy x

Amy Fennell – MOMO Copywriting Owner 

Over 20 Years of Creative Copywriting Experience