While we’d love to say that our magical team stepped forth from the golden plumes of an enchanting phoenix, we understand that it won’t give us much street cred.

So here’s what we’re really about.

The MOMO Copywriting team works hard.  We write, a LOT. We know our stuff.  We should – we’ve been delivering high level content to a range of happy clients, big and small, since 2005.  Yep, that’s 14 years.  Imagine how many words we’ve written!

From professional services to clubs and pubs, construction to telcos, and an endless variety of SME’s in between, MOMO Copywriting is here to tell your story.  We’re here to engage, entertain and persuade.  We promise to give your business it’s best shot at marketing success – all through the power of the written word.

We’re also the introducer, the ice breaker and the conversation starter – between your business and customers.  Our writing transforms words into a friendly chat, a warm smile, and common ground.  This is where the magic begins, and a rapport is born.

From websites and digital copy, through to brochures and advertising – it’s everything we do, plus some!  Whether you’re promoting an event, selling the latest trend, explaining your freshly launched gadget, or even outlining the benefits of wearing socks with sandals… um… okay, now we’ve gone too far.  Just know that we’ve got all your content covered.

Ready to let your brand speak for itself?  Give us a call on 0402 055 156.  We’d love to learn more about your business.