It’s a jungle out there -
your business copywriting needs to be on point

Let’s get down to business. Namely, your business copywriting. But before we begin, I have a few questions for you.

Does your business have a brand voice? Can it be heard over the forest sounds?

Every brand has its own personality, values and beliefs. This needs to be conveyed in every content piece that you write, post and publish. As your business grows, it’s vital that your brand voice is lived, breathed and spoken across your entire organisation. Otherwise? You risk adopting a split personality, which will negatively impact your audience, leaving them confused and disconnected, which is not great for sales, right?

Is it time you developed a unique and consistent brand voice for your business?

Has your business developed a content strategy that cultivates growth?

Essential for every business, big and small, a smart content strategy ensures you’re sending the right message to the right people. A well-developed content strategy is centred around the planning, creation, delivery and managing of content.

To develop a powerful content strategy, you need to first understand your ideal client – what they want to read, on what platform and at what time of the day. It’s important to know why you’re creating content and what you want to achieve with it. It also makes your marketing role much simpler and saves you time, by giving you clear prompts and direction for your content.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the biz copy I excel at

  • Content Bible
  • Award Submissions
  • Bios
  • Blog Posts
  • Capability Statements
  • Case Studies
  • Emails
  • Feature Articles
  • Manuals
  • Press Releases
  • Profiles
  • Reports
  • Speeches
  • Style Guides
  • Video Scripts

How does this copywriting process work?

I meet with you (over the phone, via video or in-person if you’re a Gold Coast local). We discuss your business, your copywriting objectives, turnaround time and any questions you may have.

I send you a proposal outlining the scope of work and my fee. Upon your acceptance, I send you a brief to complete (which we can also chat further about over the phone).

Once I have the completed brief, I’ll begin work on the first draft of your copy and will send that over to you for approval. Generally, I’ll have your first draft ready for your review within 7 – 10 working days.

You have 14 days to respond with any revisions (you have two free rounds of revisions included).

Once you approve your copy, I send the final document for you to showcase to the world.