Welcome to the world of digital marketing – where copy and design, along with data, audience, timing and measurability are in command.  And if you’re reading this and thinking…huh?… then we need to speak.

Online marketing needs to be strategic, with each piece of the puzzle coming together to give a complete picture.  Our job is to drive more business to your door, to attract, retain and grow your customer share.  From website copy to email marketing and digital content – MOMO Copywriting works with you to achieve the best results.


Does your website work for your business?  How does it position you? Are you converting digital visitors into customers?

Think of your website as your online shopfront.  Visitors call in here to learn more about you, and essentially to discover if your offering is the right match for their needs.  Good web design is the perfect start, but to truly engage potential customers, you first need a solid digital marketing strategy, and then you woo them with the right words at the right time.

Enter MOMO Copywriting. We tell your story – persuasively and succinctly.  Getting to know your customers, we can then deliver your message to them at the right time – just when they need it. We begin the conversation that excites and impels your visitors to enquire, subscribe, purchase, and come back again.

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Did you know that email marketing has one of the highest ROIs amongst digital marketing strategies?

Sending your customers permission based emails on a regular basis, is one of the BEST things you can do to build trust, loyalty and show them exactly why you’re a great fit for their needs.

Email marketing enables you to not only sell more, but also to get feedback from your customers – so you can continue to improve your services, remain relevant and build a sustainable business.

To email successfully, and cut through the white noise of the inbox, it’s so very important to get to know your database, segment them and send them the ‘stuff’ they want, at the exact right time.  Then there’s email automation – a neat tool that gives love and attention to your customer, freeing you up to focus on other operations.

If you’re not already doing this, it really is time.  Experienced specialists, MOMO can help you firstly build your email database, then nurture it, grow it, and harvest the rewards.

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From blog posts through to video, newsletters, webinars &  product explainers – CONTENT IS KING for your digital strategy.

That’s right – sending relevant and clever content to your audience is absolutely key to building and nurturing your customer relationships.  Combine this with the right TIMING, and you my friend, are well on your way to digital world domination.

Whether you need a quick post written for your blog or advice on your email marketing content – MOMO has got you covered.  Our job is to make life easier for you.  Our copywriters manage the entire process – AND do a great job of it – so you can focus on running your business, managing all your new leads, and making bank.  Yes!

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Smart copy and clever marketing - let's tell your story