Editing & Proofreading: The Final Touch

Have you ever posted a blog article, published brilliant content on your website or sent a marketing email to your database… only to find there’s a typo. Or two. Perhaps three? Maybe you’ve written your masterpiece, but the words don’t quite flow, the paragraphs lack continuity or your message isn’t quite hitting home.

Cue MOMO Copywriting. Providing a professional editing and proofreading service, you get to write the words, and I fine-tune them, give them a polish and make sure they’re world-ready. All you need to do is hit publish!

A good edit and proofread tames wild writing and gives it wings to soar

Editing always comes first. This involves reading through your content, seeking to improve and optimise the quality of writing. And the things I look for? Enhancing flow and readability I analyse document structure, use of language and expression. My editing services ensure that the meanings and ideas in your work are conveyed in the best possible way to resonate with your audience.

Next comes proofreading. This is the last step in the revision process and is the final content check before publication. Providing a word by word review, here I focus on spelling errors along with any mistakes in grammar and punctuation.

And the best part of all? Once I’ve edited and proofread your written piece, your writing will take on an air of genius! Yes, even if writing doesn’t come naturally to you, I transform your ideas into a sharp, consistent, concise and love-to-read piece.

How does this copywriting process work?

I meet with you (over the phone, via video or in-person if you’re a Gold Coast local). We discuss your business, your copywriting objectives, turnaround time and any questions you may have.

I send you a proposal outlining the scope of work and my fee. Upon your acceptance, I send you a brief to complete (which we can also chat further about over the phone).

Once I have the completed brief, I’ll begin work on the first draft of your copy and will send that over to you for approval. Generally, I’ll have your first draft ready for your review within 7 – 10 working days.

You have 14 days to respond with any revisions (you have two free rounds of revisions included).

Once you approve your copy, I send the final document for you to showcase to the world.