Evergreen Content

Evergreen content. Sounds boring, but check out its client-attracting superpowers

Do you have an evergreen content marketing strategy? Driving traffic to your website and guiding prospects into your sales funnel, evergreen content is key for building trust and voice leadership. Yep, if you’re a business wanting to grow, posting evergreen content on your website and social media channels is a must.

That’s great, but first, what is evergreen content?

Why I’m glad you asked! Evergreen content is sustainable and relevant business content that doesn’t grow old. Timeless and long-lasting, evergreen content attracts visitors to your website and draws new followers to your social media platforms. It’s the content that rarely needs to be updated. What it isn’t is content that relates to the latest news, holidays, seasons or trends.

Okay got it. So how do I create evergreen content?

Evergreen content comes in many shapes, forms and sizes, including:

  • How-to guides
  • Expert tips
  • FAQs
  • Tutorials
  • Case studies
  • Ebooks
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts

The trick to leveraging your it is to repurpose it across your marketing channels. For example, you could take 3 -5 key points from a blog post and reshape it for your Instagram feed. Or you could remodel a client testimonial into a case study.

I have some ideas! Should I begin writing, or do I need a strategy?

A-ha – you’re one step ahead of me! The answer is a resounding YES! Always strategy first, content second. And remember that evergreen content needs to fit in with your overall content marketing strategy – especially with its close cousin who we fondly refer to as On-Trend Content.

To initiate your strategy, you first need to determine what it is you’d like to achieve.

  • Want to drive traffic to your website? You need to optimise your content for SEO.
  • Want to create trust on social media? Expert tips and testimonials are a great way to do this.
  • Want to attract more podcast listeners? A good how-to episode never fails.
Let’s talk more about SEO because it’s super important for increasing visitors to my website

Excellent, I love talking about optimising copy for SEO (word-nerd that I am). Finding the right keywords with high search volume is critical to get people onto your website to read your evergreen content.

So, how do you find the best performing keyword phrases for your content piece?

Head over to UberSuggest (it’s FREE)! Type in your keyword phrase (start with the topic you want to talk about). Next, select your relevant country and then click ‘Keyword Ideas’ on the left-hand menu – UberSuggest will give you a range of keywords for you to choose from.

Once you’ve found the best performing keyword phrases for your evergreen content, make sure you include it in your main heading, sub-headings (if appropriate) and your first paragraph of text.

Can you give me some examples of evergreen topics to get me started?

Great idea! Here are a few evergreen topics to inspire you (remember these are topics that will outlast trends):

  1. 5 reasons why you need to update your will
  2. Why social media engagement trumps your follower count
  3. How you can build an eco-friendly home
  4. 10 must-do’s when visiting Byron Bay
  5. Keep the taxman at bay with these easy-to-implement accounting tips
One more question – how much evergreen content should I produce?

When it comes to your evergreen content, the more the better – so keep the wheels turning. But remember it’s only part of your content mix and needs to be well-balanced with your latest news, seasonal promotions, and current ‘happening-now’ content and posts.

Now, over to you. Go forth and conquer!

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Best of luck!

Amy x

Amy Fennell – MOMO Copywriting Owner 

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