With 5 Get Out of Jail Free Cards for you

So you’ve taken on a copywriter role in your business (in conjunction with your 8 other job titles).  About to hit SEND?  Well stop right there please. Put your hands up where I can see them and step away from the computer.  That’s right, easy does it.  Do not hit SEND, I repeat, do not hit SEND. At least not until you’ve read these five tips for creating the best copy that converts.

Okay budding copywriters, before we begin let’s see where your start line is

If you’re in business, then chances are you’ve had to write a thing or two.  Whether you’re running a promotion, pitching for work, or simply composing an email to a colleague – at some point you’ve sat in front of your computer, hands poised, ready to type.  It’s usually here that one of four things happen to a copywriter:

  • Your mind goes blank as you fixate on the ceiling or Facebook, hoping that it will deliver some inspiration, but all you get is cobwebs and crazy cat videos.
  • Randomly you find an instant fascination with googling your own name, examining your fingernails, or some other shiny distraction – just so you don’t have to start writing
  • You write fast and furiously, then give your work a quick glance before hitting SEND – without giving your work a thorough check for spelling, tone, and concise message
  • Putting much thought into your words, you take a long while (hours, even days) to compose your message. Reading over it one hundred times, you ask 14 people for their opinion, before you nervously hit SEND, or save it back into your drafts.

If any of these scenarios look familiar to you, then please be assured that you are not alone.  Seriously, I work as a copywriter for a living and still find myself facing these challenges at times.

Yet there is GOOD NEWS. I’ve got 5 Get Out of Jail Cards just for you – to make your writing life that little bit easier.  Check them out below:

Card #1: Eat a good breakfast

Okay, this isn’t really the first tip, but it will give you a really good start to your day. Not to mention, it will keep your mum happy.

Card #2: Know your audience & use the right tone of voice

Before you start writing it is vital that you know who you are talking to.  What stage of the buying process are they at?  How much do they need to know about your product before they purchase, and what motivates them to purchase from you?  Do they simply want a price, or need an explainer?  Talk to your customers, survey them, get to know them.  Understand their lingo – and use appropriate language/tone to talk to them, words that will inspire a response. Then segment your audience so you can relate to them directly, building a relationship between themselves and your business.  More on this in a future post.

Card #3: WIIFM (What’s In It For Me, well actually your customer)

Before you begin to write, I want you to first think about what your customer will gain from your message.  How will they benefit?  What is their pain point and how will your provide a solution? How is your product or service going to make their life better? Do some research (use the googliser, run a survey, ask questions). Tell your audience how they’ll benefit by getting on board with your business (rather than just talking about how amazing you are).  This will make a huge difference to your customer engagement, and will in turn drive sales.

Card #4: For the procrastinator

If all words disappear like ninja dust as soon as you sit down to write, or you have a strange compulsion to clean your toilet, like now – stop for a minute and breathe, refocus.  Then begin writing. It can be anything. Words, bullet points, ideas, random stuff. Remember this isn’t your final draft, it’s just the beginning.  Trust me, it’s amazing what putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard can stimulate in your mind.  And before you know it, within the jumble of words and ideas that you’ve jotted down, you’ll start to formulate some key points for your message.  Plus you can leave the toilet cleaning for another day… or someone else(?)  Well done you!  Advance to GO and collect $2.

Card 5: For the Copy Speedster

Do you write fast, barely look at your message and then immediately hit SEND? I get it, you’re ticking off your list, ready to move onto your next item in a busy schedule.  However,  I do urge you to look over your work carefully.  Best done after a break.  Once you’ve written your message, leave it (unsent) and move onto something else.  Come back to your writing a little later with fresh eyes.  Trust me, this will make a huge difference to your final communication.

So there it is – your very own 5 Get Of Jail Free Cards.  Use them carefully, actually no, get them out, deal them, know your game.  These will help you engage and build relationships with new prospects, while nurturing your existing customers.

Try it out next time you write and let me know how you go with it.  If however, you have a writing project that is threatening to eat you alive, get in touch with us – 0402 055 156 – we’re here to help.