Gold Coast Copywriter - MOMO Copywriting

Why hello, I’m Amy!

I’m the chieftess, here at MOMO Copywriting. An experienced Gold Coast copywriter, I’ve been writing persuasive words for businesses –  big and small – for almost two decades. 

And, while I’d love to say that my writing skills stepped forth from the golden plumes of an enchanting phoenix, I know that it won’t give me much street cred.

So here’s what I’m really about.

The making of MOMO Copywriting

I founded MOMO Copywriting in 2018, after working as a copywriter and content marketer for a range of service-based businesses and agencies.

Having lived on the Gold Coast since 2008, I might almost be able to call myself a local… almost! And, before I moved to the GC? I gained a bounty of writing and marketing experience in Sydney, where I lived for over 13 years.

Harnessing a wide variety of writing styles, I’ve written for professional service firms, hospitality venues, builders and developers, tech companies, service providers, agencies and more.

Whether you’re after high-end conservative copy, quirky outside-the-box biz words, or copy that’s anywhere in-between, I’ve got you.

Writing for your business, connecting you with good clients; this is what MOMO Copywriting is all about

A story-teller at heart, I delight in a good narrative. I love learning about different businesses, the people behind them and what makes them tick.

Nothing brings me more joy than understanding each business I work with and transforming their thoughts, ideas and objectives into a beautifully written rapport.

Whether I’m writing a corporate article, a quirky bio or a conversational piece outlining the benefits of wearing sandals and socks on a Gold Coast beach [okay, too far Amy] – my words evoke an instant connection with your kind.

Think of me as your very own conversation starter and relationship builder for your business.

Like to hear what my clients think of their new, shiny biz words? Read on, my friend.