How to write a bio

Your 3 Quick Tips on how to write a bio. You’re welcome

So, you’ve been asked to write a bio – either about yourself or for your whole team. You know you’ve got oodles of experience and skills to talk about, but you’re just not sure where to start, what to include or how to shape it.

Well, sound the trumpets, because you’ve just hit the ‘how to write a bio’ jackpot. Yes, it’s a thing ;). These 3 quick tips will have you nailing your project so fast that you can treat yourself to a lonnnnng lunch. Yeah! Even better, you’ll sound as awesome in writing as you are in real life.

Tip 1 | Where to Start

Before you write a bio, first gather your facts. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A description of your current role
  • 1 – 3 big (and relevant) career achievements
  • Your overall career goal and values
  • Any qualifications, educational achievements and licences (if relevant)
Tip 2 | Bio Template

Great, now you’ve got all the elements you need, you can begin writing and laying out your bio. We recommend that you write your bio in third person, unless it’s for your social media platforms where first person is best.

Here’s our suggested layout:

1. What do you do?

Introduce yourself, including your first and last name and describe your current role.

2. What do you believe in?

Tell your audience about your overall goal, what drives you to succeed in your role, and /or your values that support your work ethos.

3. What are your biggest achievements?

Include 1 – 3 of your biggest and best professional achievements.

4. Who are you outside of work?

Consider adding a personal story, or even a slice of humour (if relevant) to humanise your bio and imbue it with your personality. After all, people want to know you as a person.

5. Finally, include your educational qualifications and licences (if relevant).
Tip 3 | Keep it simple & succinct

The most important element when writing your bio, is to be yourself. Keep your bio simple and succinct, steer clear of industry buzzwords, adopt a professional tone, but keep it human – after all, everyone loves a personal touch. This is what will make your bio standout.

Check out our example of a cracking bio below (and feel free to template yours off this one).

Nicola Buchanan’s Bio

A dynamic and forward-thinking property specialist, Nicola Buchanan’s sales and marketing expertise is bolstered by her unique warmth, charisma and engaging wit.

People-centric, Nicola is known for her innate ability to connect easily with both vendors and purchasers alike. Combining her remarkable real estate experience with her extensive corporate background in management, marketing and advertising, along with her interior design prowess, Nicola provides a complete and far-from-ordinary client experience.

A mother of three, Nicola applies many of her acquired parenting skills to her role as an accomplished real estate professional. Think negotiation, honesty, communication, efficiency and persuasion (all of which must often be applied simultaneously just to get one household chore completed). Also an adept marketer, Nicola is the ultimate cheerleader for both her family, her clients and their properties.

Nicola also plays an active and wholehearted role in the local community. She sits on the committee of Women of Influence, a not-for-profit organisation, and was also the founder, now manager of a touch football club, allowing her to engage with an amazing group of parents, coaches and more than 120 kids each season.

Nicola is a fully licenced real estate agent. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, a Diploma in Interior Design and an abundance of good humour, ensuring your property transaction is both a successful and delightful experience.

I hope you found these tips on how to write a bio super helpful!  Of course, if you’d like any additional advice, please feel free to give me a call for a free 20 minute chat! My number is 0402 055 156 and I’m on standby ready to help.

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Now, over to you! Go forth and conquer your bio. You’ve got this!

Amy x

Amy Fennell – MOMO Copywriting Owner 

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