How to write an About Us Page

How to write an incredibly good About Us page

Ahhhh, your About Us page. Why is it so damned difficult to write? And what is the difference between an About page that evokes instant connection and one that’s as exciting as waiting on hold to speak to your ‘NBN specialist’ (insert dramatic eye-roll).

Let’s begin with the first hurdle – why is it so hard to write about our own About Us Page?

If your M.O. is to avoid writing about yourself and your business at all costs, you’re not alone. (Phew!) In fact, I think there are a few reasons why we hit the procrastinate button whenever it comes to writing about ourselves or our business.

Firstly, writing about our journey or story requires us to become a little vulnerable. It requires us to define our identity, which is tricky because we want to express this perfectly, without placing limitations on how we are perceived. Easier said than done, this takes a bit of self-reflection and some deep thought (yes, brain-hurty hard work)!

Secondly, we tend to be a little more critical of ourselves and our business. Talking about ourselves, let alone promoting ourselves, doesn’t come naturally for many of us.

Thirdly, as a business owner or manager within a business, we can be too close to our own story. While it makes perfect sense to us, it’s not always so easy to put into words, let alone marketing content!

So how do we overcome these objections to writing our own About Us page? Here are a few easy tricks:

  1. Have a quick brainstorm and write down your business values, personality, vision and mission. This will be a huge help in shaping the direction of your About Us copy. If you already have these sorted, high-fives to you!
  2. Think back to when your business was established – what problem was it solving? Does this problem still exist for your target market, or has your business evolved and is now providing solutions to other problems? Write down the problems and solutions you provide then, and you provide now.
  3. Survey your clients – a phone chat or quick email will do. Their feedback can help you to outline the benefits of working with you, in the language that your ideal clients know and love. It will also prompt you to write benefit-driven copy.
Formatting your About Us page to entice and captivate

Just like all copy on your website, your About Us page needs to be easy to read, concise, fluid and engaging. From a visual perspective, it’s important to break your copy up into neat little paragraphs, each with their very own sub-heading (Tip: try to incorporate your keyword phrase into one or two of your sub-headings – the Google gods love it).

When it comes to what you should include in your About Us page, here’s a handy list to get you started:

  1. Begin with when you launched your business and why you did it (if it’s quite recent, you can add in details on the previous experience of your directors)
  2. Talk about your business journey (problems you solve, milestones, wins, challenges you’ve overcome – within reason)
  3. Detail your business and industry experience
  4. Tell us about your team
  5. Delve into your business ethos (here’s where you talk about your values, vision, mission)
  6. Describe the type of customers you work with
  7. Explain your process/services
  8. Encapsulate your mission going forward
  9. Include client testimonials
Blandy blah-blah, me-me-me copy – VS – a dynamic and compelling story that gets reader buy-in

Did you know that your About Us page actually needs to be more about your customers?



And hey, if you want to be another business giving a colourless account of your story, inserting futile buzzwords, and cliché-ing the crapola out of your About page (no job too big or small, I’m looking at you), then please go ahead.

Actually, please don’t!

YOU can do different. YOU can do better. And YOU should! Your About page should magnetise your ideal client to your business, irresistibly drawing them into your community. Just like kids humming excitedly around an ice-cream truck, your About page should create an energetic buzz. But how, you ask! By relating your background, experience, values and mission directly to how these benefit your reader.

Let me show you a few easy-to-implement techniques to help you write an About Us page that highlights your amazing-ness and creates a lasting impression

Tell your story from the perspective of your reader. What’s in it for them?

Relating your story in a way that shows true value and real benefit will fast track your journey to forming good connections and building great relationships. Getting your readers to buy-in on your why is one of the most powerful things you can do in your business, and your About page is the perfect stage for it.

Check out these examples on how you can do this.

Rather than state your experience, demonstrate how it adds value for your reader

Have a look at this sentence:

“We’ve been in business since 2003. Our experienced team are experts in our field.”

While this is nice to know, it’s fairly generic and yawn-evoking. But imagine if you wrote about your experience from the perspective of how it helps your customers. Let’s take two:

“Having been in business since 2003, our team understands the intricacies of the building process. Drawing on our extensive knowledge, specialist skill base and industry expertise, we’ve got each build down-pat, so you know your project will be seamless, streamlined and dare we say, an enjoyable experience for you.”

Show readers how you provide the best service, as opposed to adding in blanket, over-used statements.

Ever read a sentence like this: “We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service”, and just HAD to give them your business? I think not.

Why? Because it’s a run-of-the-mill statement that lacks depth. It also focuses solely on you. Plus, a LOT of businesses claim this, so it’s not going to be a point of difference for you. Instead, it’s a general term that many readers will simply gloss over.

So, let’s re-shape it into something a little more unique and emotive:

“Our priority is you, in everything we do. Providing you with a simple step-by-step process, our dedicated team is by your side and ready to help with any questions you may have. We also give you direct access to our customer hotline (and encourage you to use it) because, hey, we have some of our cleverest people waiting on standby to chat with you!”

Illustrate how your values and business philosophy benefit your customers

Your readers want to know if your values and philosophy align with their own. So, rather than waffling on about being reliable and honest, give some examples demonstrating how you live by your ethos in your everyday work-life.

Something like this:

“Honesty, reliability and respect are fundamental to our business ethos and culture. From our business owners through to each team member, we champion open conversations with no judgement. We prioritise our customers and are here for you, no matter what. We deliver your project when we say we will. We are listeners first and encourage you to share your goals with us, so we can tailor our service just for you.”

Now, over to you. You’ve got this!

If your About Us page is a little lack-lustre, make sure you set aside some time to audit, evaluate and invigorate it. It will add significant value to your brand and will trigger a deeper connection with your readers. After all, this is where people find out more about you as a business, where they align with you and where they decide if they want to work with you!

And remember, if you followed the steps in this blog but would like some additional advice tailored just for your business, I’m only a phone call, email or carrier pigeon away (you choose).

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