It's a jungle out there. You need a remarkable website copywriter

It's a jungle out there! You need a website copywriter who knows how to get you found and loved.

Writing your own words for your website can be headache-inducing hard (when you’re not a website copywriter, of course). 

First, you need to work out who you’re talking to. Who is your ideal client and what problem can you solve for them?

Next comes figuring out what you want to say. What words will hit home with your ideal client and motivate them to do business with you?

Then you have keyword phrases and search intent. Which keywords should you use on each page to improve your ranking? How should you use these keywords?

Of course, there’s also strategy. What are your website’s objectives? What CTA’s should you be using to achieve them? Discover, Learn, Download, Buy Now?

And finally, you need to look at structure – developing a site map and wireframe for each page. Why? To ensure the important messages and actions are all perfectly positioned.

Phew! A lot to do, right? But, luckily for you, this is my everyday. Yep! I’m an experienced website copywriter, here to take care of ALL this for you. So, you can kiss your website copywriting woes goodbye.  And say HOLA to a website brimming with high-performing, kindred-connecting copy.

SEO copywriting that’s both search engine and people-friendly

Is your website copy optimised for Google? As an SEO website copywriter virtuoso, I write website content that gets you found, speaks effortlessly to your audience, draws them into your community and converts them into your loyal customers.

Undertaking meticulous research, I find the best, high-impact keyword phrases for your business. Using a combination of short and long-tail keywords, weaved seamlessly into your website copy, I help improve your search engine ranking and drive more traffic to your site – all while articulating a tailored message for your target audience.

It’s a win-win-winnety-win.

A website copywriter who gets you found

I'm a website copywriter who gives you back more time.
Gin and tonic anyone?

Super-easy and straightforward, I’ve designed my website copywriting process with you and your valuable time in mind. 

After taking a detailed brief from you, it’s then over to me. Researching your business, industry, competitor landscape and ideal client, I delve deep to explore and develop your content strategy.

Using this strategy to guide your copy, I then embark on structuring your content, nailing your tone of voice and delivering impeccably good website words.  

And before you know it, your website is sparking instant connection with your target audience, building a loyal following and winning you more work! 

How does this copywriting process work?

Hello! It’s lovely to meet you!

Chatting on the phone, via video or in-person (if you’re a Gold Coast local) – here is where I get to know more about you and your business. And you get to quiz me on my copywriting experience aka biz-word-brilliance 😉

We also go through your copywriting objectives, expectations and desired outcomes. Then we talk about turnaround time and budget. And, of course I’m here to answer all your questions.

Based on our initial chat, I bundle together all the finer details – scope of work, pricing, inclusions, T&Cs – into a tailored proposal and send it over to you.

You go through my proposal and get back to me with any questions.

Happy with my copywriting proposal and excited to see your brand come alive through the power of words, you give a very enthusiastic nod to proceed. Hooray!

Once I have your official go-ahead, I send you my copywriting brief to complete (which we can also chat further about over the phone).

Once I have your completed brief, I’ll begin work on the first draft of your copy. 

Donning my research hat, I begin with a deep duck-dive into your business, industry, competitors and ideal clients. Using this to formulate your content strategy, I then write (like there’s no tomorrow)!

Once I have the first draft complete, I’ll send it over to you for approval. Generally, I’ll have your first draft ready for your review within 7 – 10 working days.

You set aside time to carefully read through your masterpiece – and then get back to me with any amends (you have two free rounds of amends included).

I finalise your copy (including any amends you’ve requested).

Proud as punch and excited to showcase your new words to the world, you give your final seal of approval.

I then send you the final document – ready for you to upload, publish, print and share. You take on word-legend status in the office and pop the champagne to celebrate.