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A website copywriter who
brings you in from the wilderness

Writing about your own business is one of the trickiest AND time-consuming biz-related tasks. Working out what to say, how to say it, who you’re saying it to and where to say it [phew] can be a real battle! Especially when it incites an instant glazing over of the eyes, a compulsion to watch [not-so] hilarious cat videos on Instagram, the sudden urgency to out your desk, and trim your nails with your hole puncher. 

The procrastination becomes very REAL. I get it.

Luckily for you though – da-da-dah – you can now kiss your website copywriting woes goodbye. Say sayonara to those meddlesome business words you’re been working on. And say HOLA to a website brimming with copy goodness – all taken care of for you, by me!

SEO website copywriting that’s both search engine and user-friendly

I write SEO-friendly website copy that gets you found, is tailored just for you, speaks effortlessly to your audience, draws them into your community and converts them into your loyal customers.

Following my proven website blueprint, I strategically arrange your copy into a thoughtfully designed layout. This optimises your potential to captivate your audience and incite them to connect further with you.

Amy with laptop on the Google Search Screen

I make the process simple for you, giving you back more time to do what you love. Jungle bird cocktail anyone?

Want your website copy to captivate, convert and elevate you to Head Chief-ess of your industry?

I make the whole website copywriting process super-easy for you. Taking a detailed brief, I research the fauna out of your business, your ideal client and your industry. I delve deep into my writing brain to nail your tone of voice and deliver a finished piece that you’ll love and be super proud of.

Even better, it’ll spark an instant connection with your target market, build your loyal following and win you more work! I can hear the rhythmic drums beating and your name being chanted already – yes you – Queen [or King] of the Jungle.

How does this copywriting process work?

I meet with you (over the phone, via video or in-person if you’re a Gold Coast local). We discuss your business, your copywriting objectives, turnaround time and any questions you may have.

I send you a proposal outlining the scope of work and my fee. Upon your acceptance, I send you a brief to complete (which we can also chat further about over the phone).

Once I have the completed brief, I’ll begin work on the first draft of your copy and will send that over to you for approval. Generally, I’ll have your first draft ready for your review within 7 – 10 working days.

You have 14 days to respond with any revisions (you have two free rounds of revisions included).

Once you approve your copy, I send the final document for you to showcase to the world.